Lost In Space (On Earth)

by Tom Visions

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Thomas Valadez is the idea of a person from Athens GA that makes guitar songs with delay peddles and loopers, adds drums and sings about dissolving your identity into your environment.


released August 16, 2014

All songs and sounds by Thomas Valadez. Mix by TV. Mastered by Joel Theeves in Secret Squirrel basement. Thanks: Martian, Joel Theeves, D*Sun and FAT posse, Alec L, Chattooga posse, Go Bar, John Fernandes, Josh Mckay, John Spiegel, Riggonian Posse, Stronj Flow, and You.




Tom Visions Athens, Georgia


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Track Name: Fangs of the Subconscious
you might as well make a song out of your life
you might as well write that song tonight
this might be the day the old days go away
when you build a reminder to the moment
to the gift you have yet to unwrap rap wrap rap
that's a trap and then we are back
black mining away doubting all day
to the top to the pot to the bottom of it
my dis-ease is not a disease
it's a side effect of being free
I just collapsed and asked me to surrender
and that sounds silly coming from an entertainer
but you want to wrap too and that's a no-brainer
it's chi is a needed protein
because you don't want to get sick
you don't want to have another bad trip
you want to make it through the day
which you survived in a way
getting micro macro
getting smaller getting bigger
macro micro dicro dots swirling around
your broken glasses don't see through me
because eye am not me
very outside my body singing again
I am outside my body it blowing in the wind
until you know I am not eye
not this sky it's a mirror of the past
because it wouldn't last eye would be happy again
wash away your ruin
but they were never really wrong or really gone
or really long really gone never really wrong
to the top layer to the top land
it's such a joke it's such a joke it's such a joke
I forgot to ask do you think so
Track Name: Begginning Brain
Beginnings never come out smooth
This is nothing new
Sometimes they do
Sometimes life is cruel
If the middle seems long
Hear it is as a song
If the harm in you is wrong
The harmony is strong

And i would give anything not to live inside a life
That glorifies some song I never got to live
If I can't see past my own eyes then you are inside my head
Passing the time I never had to the rhythm of the dead

If the end never comes you and I are done
Mother earth will eat its sun
She will be born another one
You can make the sounds that make the universe go round
And be the buzz by earth is bound
To not be shocked when earth is grounded
By your will to see it bend into a place you comprehend
So take your time tie your loose ends
Your enemy is your only friend
Track Name: Lost In Space (On Earth)
Lost in space on earth
This last time was weird and it really hurt
When no one there would tell you what it means
Because they are all in the same being

And you don't have the words to ever know
So hold them to your heart when you let them go
Life will never reap what death has sown
If one of us left we would both be alone
Unlike the song we have ever known
Writhing beneath our bones to make a home
It's your skin that tells the story now
But your blood will beat the poem oh
Track Name: Pressure Ghost
There's too much time for doing it small
Better do it big or don't do it at all
Be seven feet tall and not like me
I've got holes in the soul of my physical being

When you get old the pressure goes
Feel it unwind
That or you die

There is a vacuum that pulls out every inch of my genes
Until the excess is pooled and then released in my dreams
The irony of me telling you this confidently
Is that you are the I in our story

When you get old the pressure goes
You can unwind
As you die

Well I want to be your musical friend
I am pacing my life to be here until the end
The type of life it takes to ascend
To get to the level where I don't have to defend
My love to bend the rules

When you get old the pressure goes
Feel it unwind
As you die
Track Name: Flaming Pamphlet of the Ego
I am sorry to be who eye am
there's a part of me that can't let go
that won't let go of me in case I leave
you'll never know if you know
you signed up to do the most good
now there's treasure piled under miles of garbage
you have crossed the event horizon still looking back
you will see the salt of the earth diluted into an ocean of time
it hurts to feel your pain
beneath the choices you can't remove
are you too kind
am I in mind
am I dead
inside your head
show me you are sad
and I'll know you are happy
if you show me you're happy
I'll be sad
I'll feel bad for being sad
and show you I am happy
recognizing my ploy will make you sad
we will be ripped from the same page
pasted to the other
finally hold the word together in our hands
burn the book and learn to dance again
and take turns to be the flame
burn the book and take turns to be the flame
Track Name: Inninout
In and out
In and out
The relationship with your loved one

Up and down
Up and there's down
When you are together

It comes when it goes
It comes when it goes
And those are opposites

You push when it pulls
You push when it pulls
And you are born again
Track Name: Ballad of the Alien Seacow
I was a young shit just like every kid
To an adult who had learned to swim in a toilet bowl
We could grow the size of the sea on an isle of debris
And only when the house is flushed would it finally be complete

The mind rejects the body but the mind is not in charge
It's the body that's the person while the mind is still at large
It corresponds through space to alien race
That does that have the health of your material self in mind
To them the nectar of your life ferments a sweet and exotic spice
That makes their nights trapped alone in their self/cell ship seem twice as nice
Or maybe you'll be a gem and grow to be like one of them
And you'll never have to go alone into the dark when you sleep at night
Yes you'll always be the light that will visit us each night

I was seacow who learned to seek out
The blood from the blade of the boat that had broke my back
It was a vampire's evil empire
And I only learned to sing when it squeezed my throat
Track Name: Occultivation
Sometimes you can drown in the rain
Sometimes you are in a drought
Sometimes you don't know what you are saying
When it is the words that open your mouth
What if the words that you say
Would relay to a part of you that can't be touched
What if the day came that wished it away
So you didn't have to think so much

I want to be a lobotomy
To the part of my mind that plays host
To an ocean to see but just one island to be
And nothing that survives will float
We have been living on surface of an atmosphere of smoke
Tell me riddle and I'll ask you a question
And we will answer them both with a joke

But this is not the way the dream is imagined in your eternal state
It's a temporary employment of the faculties used to create
A pressurized environment that would cause your soul to escape
And separate the machinery from the goal of the cultivation

Sometimes you can drown in the rain
Sometimes you are still in a drought
Sometimes you don't know what you saying
When it is your brain that opens your mouth
You are so much more than your brain
It's just the body of another god
And if you take yourself to that plane
You are going to lose all that you have got

But this is not dream you have imagined in eternal state
It's a temporary employment of the faculties used to create
A pressurized environment that would cause your soul to escape
And separate the machinery from the goal of occultivation
Track Name: Unconscious Handshake with the Mind
that's pretty good
do it a little bit more subtle
that's great
it's gonna be so comfortable
when this over
I have made more mistakes
than I would care to admit
I will wear the shoe
even if it doesn't fit
do you want to know more
do you want to know less...
Track Name: Time Travailing
I would to go back to the time before I was born
Try to find my parents there and have them warned
One day you may live to see your sun eclipsed by storms
If your idea of the apocalypse is only getting warm

I would to go back to the time before when I did drugs
I would like to mine my mind for something to be proud of
Wouldn't it be nice to say the words to save your love
Before they all get buried under days and weeks and months

The path that lies in front of me is shifting day to day
People stuck in sinking sand get paved along the way
Spreading out the monument designed to mark their graves
Deep inside a vault inside a pit outside a cave

I will just get saved day to day
Since there's no way my sins will ever be repaid
If I am committing new ones every day
And heavy is the stone that you would have to roll away
And I'm not trying to contradict the notion
That any rolling stone shouldn't stay in motion
I agree that some rolls still have purpose
But unless you decide yourself than it's just worthless
It is meaningless
It is without
Track Name: Magicwarman
back and forth between the mirrror and the bathtub
back and forth between your face and your chest
and your body it's going away
and your soul will not stay
in the same place again
there's so many other realms
so many other hells and healths
you can choose you can't lose
what's good for the gander
is good for the duck
you are in luck inside a crystal
a lucky feather to seal your fate
it's a little late and I'm a little early
I'm a little nuts and you are a little squirrelly
what can you compare to a magic warman
she's a woman magic woman
she's a moment in a moment
magic warman

I realize now
I was the cow
when I gave up
on giving in
on giving out
all my within
like it wasn't yours
like we didn't share
it was already there
but no one ever cared
because it's hidden
or too much work
already to ignore
all ready to ignore
and don't forget that I am not me
remember you are eye
you can pick it apart
you can pick an art for yourself
there's so much more